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Playing dinner and dance games at corporate events is a great way to break the ice and encourage your audience to enjoy the occasion. Using games that involve teamwork, help your colleagues to get to know each other better or learn more about the company they work for, is a fun way of keeping guests entertained!

Best Dinner and Dance Games To Play

#1. Kahoot

kahoot logo

Create a fun “did you know” game using technology! This online platform lets you develop your own fun activity that requires your audience, using an app on their devices, to answer questions shared on a large live screen. You can increase excitement and engagement by including diagrams, images and videos.

Facilitated by a game host or an entertaining event Emcee, this is a great activity for learning facts about your company!

#2. Table Trivia

Also known as a trivia quiz, participants can play this fun game while seated at tables. Groups of up to eight players work together to unravel the questions before getting the answers. The company dinner event organiser can create questions related to the event’s theme and each group should come up with amusing team names.

Players will be disqualified if they use outside sources such as mobiles to find the answers!

#3. Musical Chairs

This is a light-hearted activity that’s sure to get your audience laughing! An Emcee can ramp up the excitement with music that ties in with the annual dinner theme. Set up chairs in a circle – guests move around when the music plays before grabbing a seat when it stops. After each round, one chair is removed, making the game more competitive as players rush to find a seat!

#4. Charades

Introduce this classic game at the next dinner and dance event and keep your guests amused while they guess what the player is miming! Each team has a bowl that includes phrases or titles for players to pull out. They can only use hand gestures or body motions without speaking while other guests in the team try to guess the phrase or title. Hand out attractive prizes to the winning teams.

#5. Who Am I?

This is a simple activity to put together, especially if you’re battling with time or budget constraints. Write the name of a famous character onto a sticky note and place it on the back of a player. To guess who they are, the player can only ask yes/no questions to the rest of the team. You can poke fun by using the names of well-known colleagues who work for the company!

#6. Photo Booth Props


Organise some costumes of popular characters (including hats, glasses and wigs) for each table, set up a photo booth and let your guests have fun dressing up for photographs. This is a surefire way of getting your dinner and dance party guests laughing and capturing memories to remember years down the line.

#7. Balloon Pop

Insert pieces of paper with the name of a prize or temporary tattoos inside balloons before inflating them. Attach each balloon to a guest’s chair and ask them to pop them to reveal their prize or tattoo. This is an exciting way to get your audience ready for a night of fun and laughter at dinner and dance events.

#8. Bingo

Spice up your bingo game with cards using images or words associated with the dinner and dance theme. Your professional Emcee can call out the items for guests to mark off on their boards. Include themed food items, such as heart-shaped chocolates for a Valentine’s corporate dinner, as bingo markers.

#9. Dance-Off

Dance games allow your guests to show off their best moves! The audience can vote for their favourite dancers and a winner is declared in the final round. Make a post-event video for colleagues to keep as a memento of great dance performances put on by their talented workmates!

#10. Tabletop Karaoke

Karaoke is a great stress reliever that allows your audience to relax and let their hair down after a busy year at work. Set up a tabletop karaoke machine or use an app for your audience to sing along and watch your guests lighten up as participants entertain them with their favourite song. Turn it into a competition and let the audience decide who’s the best singer.

#11. Carnival Games

Hire the services of roving talents to move between guests, playing carnival games. This activity allows your guests to relax as they’re thrilled by fire twirlers, LED lion dances or masquerade stilt walkers. Encourage the audience to engage with the performers and dress appropriately for a carnival-themed dinner and dance.

#12. Tabletop Word Search

While your audience is waiting for the main event to start, ask them to complete the tabletop word search included at their table. Make it extra-fun by using a jumbo-sized word search so all the guests at one table can work together as a team as they find the words related to the event’s theme or company facts. The first table to find the winning word gets a prize!

#13. Guess an Emoji

emojis icons

You’ll need a game host and a large screen to display various emojis depicting popular movie titles, phrases or songs. Divide the audience into teams and allow each one to guess the emoji. If they don’t get it right, move on to the next team until a group gets it right. This is a fun pre-event activity for occasions such as awards celebrations.

#14. Name That Tune

Playing snippets of songs or music is an excellent game for teams to work together while figuring out the right answer. You can select a genre with interesting themes to align with the occasion whether the party is happening in a hotel ballroom or a funky nightclub. Organise a music-related prize for the winning team!

#15. Tabletop Paper Airplane Contest

This is a cool game and all you need to do is supply materials for guests to create paper airplanes – they can do this individually or as a team. When the airplanes have been constructed, players are invited onto the stage to compete against each other to see whose plane flies the furthest. Award the winner with a themed prize!

#16. Guess the Celebrity

At the next event, why not play this game to break the ice before your guests indulge in dinner? The event Emcee can display partially concealed images of famous celebrities on a large screen and give each team an opportunity to guess the star. Include some images of management to get the participants fully engaged as they try to figure out who the “celebrity” is!

#17. Guess the Movie Quote

guess the movie quote

Still on the movie theme, ask guests to pull out a famous quote from a bowl and guess which film it came from. Used for teambuilding or while the guests are waiting for the dinner and dance event to kick off, this is an easy activity to organise. Use this as an icebreaker for colleagues seated with employees from different departments whom they’re not familiar with.

#18. Guess the Sound

To play this game, you’ll need a quality sound system and recordings of different noises such as animals or movie clips. Allocate participants into teams – those seated at tables for a dinner and dance event can work together as a group. The first team to put their hands up can take a guess!

#19. Tabletop Straw Race

This is an excellent activity that doesn’t cost a lot of money to organise. All you need are enough straws for participants at each table and lightweight objects such as a ping pong ball. Guests need to blow the objects across the table to each other or you can opt for a race format for more competition between the participants.


Contact our professional event team at That’s Innovative who can take the pressure off you by organising activities for a flawless experience at your next company D&D party. We handle vendor coordination too, ensuring you have the right equipment for the games.

And if you liked our list of games, please feel free to share it with other companies looking for fun ideas!