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Have you been tasked to organise the company’s next dinner and dance event but aren’t sure what theme to pick and how to handle the logistics? Hiring the services of an event company is your solution AND they can help you create the perfect dinner and dance theme for an evening to remember!

We list a few theme options to help you start planning the event of the year!

List of Corporate Dinner and Dance Themes

#1. Around the World

Inspire guests to dress up in costumes representing different countries from around the world. Use professional event Emcees to create a memorable occasion as they share cultural stories from countries afar.

Helpful tip: take it one step further and include menus with dishes from other countries to tantalise the taste buds!

#2. Alice in Wonderland

For a light-hearted and magical evening, re-create the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and thrill your guests with Alice in Wonderland décor. Décor such as toy bunnies, extra-large cards, mushrooms and colourful crockery will get the party going as guests mingle in their themed costumes.

Don’t forget to include a photo booth for partygoers to capture the experience.

#3. Back to School

Challenge your colleagues to pull out their old school uniforms to dress up. To prepare the setting, transform the venue with chalkboards and five-star canteen meals. This is a great theme for colleagues to get to know each other as they share their school days’ stories. It’s a fun theme for a night of laughter and team building.

#4. Black & White

If it’s glamour you’re after and the event is honouring special employees resigning or retiring from the company, you can’t go wrong with the Black & White theme. Colleagues can choose their own elegant attires while sticking to monochromatic colours.

Top tip: use pre-event activities such as “Guess Who” (will win tonight) to build the excitement for the special occasion.

#5. Circus

A fun dinner and dance theme for end-of-year parties is the Circus. Attendees can dress up in costumes if they want to but entertainment is the key to success here. Circus acts throughout the evening will keep your colleagues enthralled while enjoying quality time with other employees outside of the workplace.

#6. Disco Night

Celebrate a major company milestone with a “disco night” dance theme. Bring out the razzle and dazzle with live Saturday Night Fever music, glittering disco balls and neon lights. Colleagues can let their hair down as they show off their dance moves while impressing with bell bottoms and flared shirts with floral prints.

#7. Enchanted Forest

This event theme is full of enchantment and you can use forest creatures, plants and starry nights as part of décor and any printed items. Fairy lights, lush greenery and fake lawn will set the scene, creating an ambience of awe and delight.

Helpful tip: go one step further and hire a venue at the Singapore Botanic Gardens to create the perfect setting for such a theme.

#8. Fairytale

Here’s a magical theme to celebrate the women in your company! Let them dress up as their favourite fairytale characters, serve delicious dishes and don’t forget to add some whimsical music to get them dancing all night long.

Including a ‘Best dressed’ competition adds to the fun as does fairytale party decorations.

#9. Great Gatsby

An excellent corporate dinner and dance theme, Great Gatsby brings in the roaring 20s with live jazzy music, decadent menus and legendary cocktails. Colleagues can dress up in black flapper dresses, pearl necklaces and black suits with collared white shirts.

#10. Halloween

Halloween is a good reason for hosting a company’s dinner. With some innovative event planning you can use the Halloween theme to create a chilling but creepy-cool atmosphere that’ll capture your attendees’ wildest imaginations. Use prop rentals to decorate your venue – ghosts, skeletons and cobwebs will surprise your guests and make the night something to remember and talk about afterwards!

#11. Harry Potter

This movie-themed dinner and dance involves staging to capture the Great Hall Dining experience and Polyjuice Portion Punch to get the party going. Guests can dress up in themed costumes and enjoy their own Yule Ball. If space allows throw in a Quidditch game to amp up the excitement.

#12. Hawaiian Beach Party

Another fun end-of-year or summer dinner and dance event them is hosting an Hawaiian Beach Party—even if you’re far from the sea! Bring out the pina colados and decorate the venue with giant, colourful paper lanterns and palm trees while including tropical and Luau music for a night of dancing and laughter. Pineapple motifs and festive dishes are the perfect finishing touches.

#13. Masquerade

Hosting a Masquerade event for the company’s dinner and dance evening is a popular theme. Colleagues get the opportunity to dress up in ball gowns and tuxedos while hiding behind elaborate masks.

Decorate with fake chandeliers and hire a hotel ballroom complete with video and audio support. Technology can help create an atmosphere through music and showcase company achievements on a big screen, for all to celebrate.

#14. Murder Mystery

Most people love a murder mystery and using it as a theme for corporate events is great for teambuilding while testing your colleagues’ mystery-solving skills. Organising a murder mystery hunt before dinner with clues and detectives leading the way is an exciting way to get the party started.

#15. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is all about opulence, romance, and fire performers! Using acts is vital as well as encouraging your party guests to dress according to the theme. Hiring event entertainment will ensure the unique atmosphere is sustained throughout the night.

Once again, don’t forget to include photo-taking opportunities to capture memories, as it’s not every day your team gets the chance to dress up like this.

#16. Nautical

Introduce the nautical theme for the next company dinner and watch your colleagues arrive dressed up as Blackbeard the Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow or King Neptune. Music from the famous Titanic movie will get your party goers dancing, while shipwrecks, treasure chests and ocean views make wonderful backdrops for the event.

#17. The Oscars

If your company is celebrating success and hosting an awards ceremony, consider using the Oscars theme. This formal gala event is an excellent way to showcase your top-performing employees with red carpets, photographers and an elegant dinner menu rounding off the ceremony-feel.

Top tip: ensure you have an inspiring Emcee to spice up the event, as this is also synonymous with Oscar evenings.

#18. Rock ‘n’ Roll Party

Dinner and dance events should include a rock ‘n’ roll theme for companies who want to give their employees a musical evening. Hiring bands, offering 50s-style burgers and milkshakes as well as plastic records, balloons and posters of legendary rock ‘n’ roll stars should be part of your event planning process.

#19. Superheroes

Give your colleagues the opportunity to dress up as their favourite movie character from the Marvel series with a Superhero-themed dinner and dance. This exciting theme can incorporate mascots and costumes as well as larger-than-life city skyline backdrops. Decorate the table with Superhero-branded plates and napkins for the ideal finishing touch.

#20. Wild, Wild West

Westerns make a popular theme for parties and corporate dinners, because it refers to an exciting era. Hay bales, country music and toy guns all add authenticity to a Wild, Wild West event. Make sure your colleagues come as cowboys or other relevant characters and be sure to include a saloon bar and serve western grub.

#21. Winter Wonderland

It might not snow in Singapore but that doesn’t stop your company from hosting a magical Winter Wonderland event. Consider hiring the ice rink for the night and use dance events to entertain guests while eating dinner. Fake snow, pine trees and toasted marshmallows with hot chocolate will create the ambience you want.

#22. Wizard of Oz

Another movie-themed dinner and dance could be based on The Wizard of Oz. Your colleagues can choose to be Dorothy Gale, The Tin Man or Scarecrow or the Wicked Witch of the West. Playing music from the movie as guests arrive will get them into the mood before enjoying the night’s events.

#23. Yoda and Star Wars

Are your company’s workers crazy about anything to do with Yoda and Star Wars? That’s a great theme for hosting an annual dinner and dance and attendees can dress up as Yoda or any of the other popular Star Wars characters.


Don’t let time and budget constraints hold you back from hosting a company dinner and dance. Our team at That’s Innovative is creative, can coordinate vendors for you and will deliver a flawless experience that’s budget-friendly while saving you time.

Give us a call and let’s talk – and please share this article so others can also start planning epic functions for their teams.