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18 Event Management Courses In Singapore

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Searching for information on the best event management courses in Singapore can be overwhelming, with so many options to choose from. Finding the time to review each course and its offerings can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you. Our list of the top 19 event management courses to consider will help you find the best one for your needs.

Special Note: We do not endorse or have any affiliation with the mentioned institutions or organisations. We suggested that you do your due-diligence as well to find out if they are legit and suitable for you.


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Event Management Courses In Singapore

Traineeship Programmes

One of the more common courses to attend is employer-sponsored. In this instance, the employer provides financial assistance and uses the courses to train prospective employees for specific event planning positions within their companies.

1.     Higher Nitec in Event Management (ITE)

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) offers a wide range of full-time National ITE Certifications (NITEC) courses which are essentially traineeship programmes. These are usually conducted in partnership with employers.

Their events management course is an excellent way for employers to upskill their employees and teach them valuable skills needed to be successful in event operations. This also includes creating hybrid events, marketing and customer relationship management.

As part of the Singapore Polytechnic Programme, qualifying students will undergo a 10-week preparatory programme followed by two years of Higher Nitec training. Furthermore, this course offers financial assistance to eligible students under the ITE Opportunity Fund.

Diploma Courses

A credible course in event management creates many career prospects, making a diploma another top option to consider.

2. Diploma in Integrated Events Management (R28) (Republic Polytechnic)

Republic Polytechnic Diploma in Integrated Events Management

A Polytechnic diploma will teach participants to conceptualise, plan and execute commercial, corporate and lifestyle events. Skills are taught that can easily be applied to in person and hybrid events. Plans and strategies taught will guide participants in performing everything from planning to execution as well as post-event analysis. Qualifying applicants can also apply for financial aid.

3. Diploma Specialised in Event Management (Global School of Technology & Management)

Diploma Specialised in Event Management (Global School of Technology & Management)

This technical diploma on offer from GSTM is designed to teach participants the various aspects of event management in both local and international industries.

The course can be attended full-time for six-months or part-time for eight months. A diploma in events management will certainly create extensive career opportunities for current and prospective event planners.

Bachelor’s Degree Programme (Part-time)

Potential event planners who would like to start their own event management companies might be eager to opt for a bachelor’s degree specialising in events management.

4. BSc Events Management (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

Sc Events Management (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

As a part-time undergraduate course, this programme has been designed to equip students with a diverse range of skills to create and manage events across different sectors. In addition to learning about current event planning trends, focus is placed on risk management, venue management and logistical aspects. Providing participants with a technical education ensures that they are trained to handle any situation in the events industry.

5. Events Planning and Management (Singapore University of Social Sciences – SUSS)

Events Planning and Management (EMT101)

The course on offer from SUSS is a modular undergraduate course and lasts six months. Focused on teaching participants the fundamentals of event planning and execution, this course highlights aspects such as strategic planning and utilising operational resources. It teaches the basis for rational policy-making in the events industry.

6. BSc Events Management (SACEOS)


If you’re looking for a bachelor’s degree in Events Management, then the course from SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences) is worth looking into. As a part-time undergraduate course, this programme offers Singapore citizens to develop deeper insights into event planning while working in the industry.

Students will gain valuable knowledge in customer relationship management and project management. Aspects such as logistics management within the event industry are also covered.

Advanced Courses

There are several advanced courses well worth considering if you want to take your event planning to the next level. These courses are worth considering if you want to turn an event management job into a business.

7. Bachelor of Business (Event Management) (Sim Global Education)

Bachelor of Business (Event Management) (Top-up)

This degree has been created to enhance theoretical and practical skills associated with the many aspects of event planning. Furthermore, the programme focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills which are vital for starting or growing your own events management business.

Financial aid options are available for this course and the programme runs for 18 months. Students will have a maximum period of four years to complete the programme.



This course covers MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) and focuses on the versatility and marketability of event management across all industries. Everything from digital marketing, managing event sponsors, and using social media is covered in this extensive course.

9. Placemaking Event Management & Marketing (School of Continuing and Lifelong Education)

Placemaking Event Management & Marketing

Aptly named Placemaking, this course covers the physical transformation of the place and its contents to create a memorable experience for guests. That said, this course will guide participants in all practical skills needed to create any type of event. The course runs for two days.

Virtual Courses

Not all course participants are able to take time off of a busy work schedule to attend in person classes. This has seen a huge interest in courses that offer virtual classes.

10. Event Management (Marketing Institute of Singapore)

Event Management (Marketing Institute of Singapore)

This one-day course can be attended in person or virtually. It focuses extensively on the best practices within the events industry. Participants will learn to apply the necessary tools for each stage of event planning. Existing MIS members can enjoy a 10% discount on their course fee, while groups who register for 8 or more participants will see a 10% group discount.

11. Organisational Event Management Level 2: Support Organisation Events (Synchronous e-learning)

HCS Academy Organisational Event Management Level 2 Support Organisation Events (Synchronous e-learning)

This interactive virtual learning course focuses on event planning, conducting promotional activities and learning about post-event analysis. There’s also an extensive look at the policies and procedures that need to be followed when planning an event.


SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is a national movement that strives to provide Singapore citizens with various types of opportunities to promote a cultural and holistic system of lifelong learning. Established in 2015, all Singaporeans aged 25 and older will receive an opening credit of $500.

Known as the SkillsFuture credit, this credit can be used to improve existing skills or reskill in areas outside of your current job field. As a government-funded programme, credits can be used at various universities and educational institutes. Some of the more prominent courses on offer in the event management business are highlighted below.

12. Effective Events Management (MDIS)

Effective Events Management (MDIS)

As a full-time course, this interactive programme offers participants the skills to learn and implement the various principles of planning and implementing successful events. There’s an extensive focus on communication tools and learning the four C’s of effective event management. The course shares the most effective way to apply the P2E2 model used throughout the events industry to plan and implement events.

13. Advanced Certificate in Event Management and Entertainment: Event Budgeting & Profit Strategy (Singapore Management University)

Advanced Certificate in Event Management and Entertainment: Event Budgeting & Profit Strategy

Typically, this course focuses on preparing and analysing event budgets as well as the skills needed to perform profit and loss projections for each event idea. During this 15-hour course, students will also learn a step-by-step process to explore the costs involved in setting up different event types. Participants will gain deeper insights into the many ways that reducing costs can improve the success of an event.

14. Effective Event Management (NANYANG University)

Effective Event Management (NANYANG University)

As the perfect course for beginners, students will learn about the various types of events currently trending in the event industry. They will learn the simple steps of getting started, creating an event team, project management and the necessary logistics throughout. Since this 14-hour course covers event operations from planning to after-function assessments, it’s ideal for beginners who are just getting started.

15. Advanced Certificate in Event Management and Entertainment: Event Operations and Logistics Management (Singapore Management University)

Advanced Certificate in Event Management and Entertainment: Event Operations and Logistics Management (Singapore Management University)

Future event planners with an interest in logistic management will do well to consider this course. In addition to layout planning, this course covers risk management, enhancing the customer experience and understanding general event support. As a full and part-time course, duration time is 15 hours.

16. Advanced Certificate in Event Management and Entertainment: Creative Concepts and New Technology Levers (Singapore Management University)

Advanced Certificate in Event Management and Entertainment: Creative Concepts and New Technology Levers (Singapore Management University)

This course will teach students how to conceptualise event ideas and then use a wide range of skills and available tools to create a successful function. In addition to studying previous case studies, students will learn how to use business analytics and data fluency as well as assess current trends. This course typically runs for 15 hours, and course fees can be self, or employer- sponsored.


Udemy is well-known for its wide range of courses. The most significant event management courses are listed below.

17. Event Management for Beginners

Event Management for Beginners

The highly rated Event Management for Beginners is one of the more affordable and flexible ways to develop deeper insights into the event industry. With two hours of on-demand video and 22 downloadable resources, this course will teach you to plan, execute and assess the success of your own (and eventually others) events.


Many places offer worthwhile programmes in events management and with our list, choosing the best course just got a whole lot easier.

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18. Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management

Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management

This course covers the right skills needed to create successful events. Some aspects covered include using social media to promote your events and using publicity and press coverage to your advantage. Seven hours of on-demand video and 40 downloadable resources are included, which can be accessed a any time.