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5 Types Of Videos That Will Add Value To Your Virtual Event

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Conducting a fun and memorable virtual event is a challenge for many organizations. But one of the best ways to create an immersive experience and engage with the audience is through the use of videos.

In this article, we will share with you 5 types of event videos you can have in your virtual event that will help you bring across an idea or message effortlessly and effectively.

Event Video Type 1: Welcome Speech

Your guest of honor or CEO of the company is unable to attend the event? A 5-minute pre-recorded welcome speech is the best solution for you.

To ensure the audience can capture the main message from the speech and not bore them, you can keep the welcome speech short and to the point. By combining the use of both audio (e.g. soft background music) and visuals (e.g. lower thirds and subtitles) it can help your audience pick up key points better. 

Types of Virtual Events: Anniversary Events, Dinner & Dances,  Award Ceremonies, Charity Events, and more!

Tip: The welcome speech is normally at the beginning of the event.

Event Video Type 2: Milestone Video

Want to showcase your company’s success story, growing process or history to your employees or business partners? A milestone video is the best way to do so.

In this video you can insert memorable photos or short video clips shared by employees. Milestone videos usually last for 1 to 3 minutes and are accompanied by inspiring music. It is a great way to celebrate an organization’s history and success and is used commonly for virtual Award ceremonies or virtual Anniversary events.  

Types of Virtual Events: Anniversary Events, Dinner & Dances,  Award Ceremonies, Openings & Launches.

Tip: This video is usually played after a welcome speech.

Event Video 3: Virtual Choir

Do you know any talents in the company? Get them to perform for the event! Virtual events with regular entertainment items can get monotonous. 

Let everyone be a part of the show with a virtual choir performance. To do so, select a song that is suitable for your event and have your colleagues (or even top management staff) record themselves singing to the song. Piece these clips together, to create your own virtual choir.

Types of Virtual Events: Anniversary Events, Dinner & Dances,  Award Ceremonies, Charity Events, Opening & Launches, Community Events.

We might be miles apart but our hearts are stringed together through this event video!

Event Video 4: Lip Sync Music Video

A lip sync video is a great alternative to a virtual choir. Instead of having your colleagues sing a song, they do a lip sync to the lyrics instead. 

To add on to the fun of the video, staff can also dress to theme, hold up message cards or dance to the beat. Simple animations or gifs can also be added to the video during editing to add colour and variety to the event video. Lip sync videos are usually used for less formal events such as virtual dinner and dances and team building events.

Types of Virtual Events: Dinner & Dances, Team Building Events, Family Day Events.

This is a great way to show off the fun side of the organization and its people.

Event Video Type 5: Well Wishes Video

A well-wishes video allows you to show appreciation to staff, shareholders and stakeholders who have contributed to making the business successful.

It is most suitable for virtual anniversaries, festivals or award ceremonies. You can invite guests of honour, business partners, top management or ex-employees to record short well-wishes video clips and combine them into one. These videos can even be recorded via Zoom if your stakeholders are located around the world!

Types of Virtual Events: Anniversary Events, Dinner & Dances,  Award Ceremonies, Charity Events, Opening & Launches, Community Events and more!

Tip: If you have a toast segment, you can showcase this event video to heighten the atmosphere of the event before the toasting.


Having a meaningful event video will definitely add a value to your entire virtual event. You can choose one or more types of video to incorporate into your virtual event program. We hope that these virtual event videos examples have provided you with some ideas when planning your next virtual event.

If you have questions or interest in engaging our event videography services, feel free to email us at events@thatsinnovative.com. We will be happy to assist you.