Coronavirus, pandemic, quarantine, lockdown, telecommute – these are just some of the most common terminologies we are used to saying and hearing since COVID-19 broke out early this year. While these terms imply threat and inconvenience, there is one name that resonates with people all over the world on a positive level – Zoom.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that was founded in 2011 as an alternative online solution to virtual meetings and events. While it has been available in the market for quite some time, it only began gaining popularity when COVID-19 started.

Zoom is not the only video conferencing platform available today. However, among the available platforms, Zoom is considered the easiest to use. It has excellent audio and video quality, and above all it is affordable, offering basic FREE plans and paid plan.

Not only is it used as an alternative to face-to-face meetings, Zoom is also a platform to organise web-based events. It is one of the most popular platforms to organise virtual events, team buildings, awards presentations, to name a few. Since Zoom is extremely easy to use, some companies organise virtual events themselves instead of engaging an event company.

While people acknowledge the wonders of Zoom, it still has limitations that require intervention; Especially if you are using it for a virtual event. Zoom is no doubt fantastic for meetings, but for events, it requires a bit of a push in order to elevate virtual event experience.

Here are the ways how to make a Zoom event more amazing than usual.

(1) Subscribe To A Plan


Thanks to the generosity of Zoom we can use the platform free for 40-minute meetings. This is perfect for short meetings, but not for virtual events. You cannot ask your virtual guests to join a meeting again once time is up, can you?

To realise a hassle-free and seamless event experience for all guests, you may opt to subscribe to Zoom’s $14.99 pro plan. However, this plan only allows up to 100 participants. If you are expecting more than 100 guests, then it’s time to upgrade your plan.

(2) Utilise Breakout Rooms


Zoom is the virtual equivalence of a physical conference because it has breakout rooms for other topics or activities. This is useful if you want to offer different experiences to your guests. One good example is organising online games. As individuals have different interests, you can host several games simultaneously as guests get to choose the game they want to take part in. They can decide which breakout room to enter.

(3) Let Performers Perform In A Studio


When hosting a virtual event, performers can perform remotely or can record their performance prior to the event. Both are potential options to entertain guests, but they not provide much audience engagement.

If performances are all pre-recorded, it is equivalent to making your guests watch YouTube clips. On the other hand, if performers are performing from home, their performance can be impacted by several factors, such as their audio and video quality and their Internet connection.

In order to avoid these probable hiccups, it is recommended to do the performances in a studio wherein all necessary hardware and manpower are all under one roof to support the performers.

(4) Integrate Other Technology Into Zoom


Zoom cannot do much to take virtual events to the next level of fun and convenience. We need to integrate other technologies to improve the experience of the guests.

One challenge of using Zoom for a virtual event is the inevitable delays when showing or playing contents and putting individuals on spotlight. If there are 300 guests and one of them is the CEO who is going to deliver a welcome address, in order to put him on spotlight, Zoom administrators will have to look for him among the many other participants over multiple pages.

Screen sharing is one awesome feature that Zoom offers, but it is disruptive for the viewers during a virtual event. Instead, a dedicated device should be assigned to be the sole source of all contents to be used.

All these hassles can be avoided by using a mega switcher that is able to handle up to 16 device inputs. By using a switcher, multiple logins can be allowed. Individuals with key roles in the programme can be assigned different meeting links for them to join the rest of the guests. If this is done, it is easy to switch from one content to another.

Moreover, not only is a switcher able to toggle contents, it can also integrate designs and branding into the main default screen. It can also feature multiple screens at one time.

(5) Seek For Professional Event Support


Behind every successful event is a team of professionals who is good at what they do. They will not only make thing easier for you, but will ensure that your event is flawlessly executed.

It is refreshing to note that organisations are becoming more independent and resourceful when it comes to hosting virtual events. However, event companies are proven to be experienced in bridging the gaps between the limitations and effectiveness of commonly used technologies that are responsible for creating impactful events.

Utilising suitable technologies, engaging skilled manpower and understanding the requirements of an event are just some of the areas that are comprehensively covered by an event company. With them on board, a simple Zoom event becomes an amazing one.


If at this point you require professional consultancy services for your upcoming virtual event using Zoom or any video conferencing platform, please contact us at That’s Innovative. You may visit our website to explore our virtual events packages and promotions. You may alternatively directly contact our professional event consultant at 85541231 for immediate event consultation.

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