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7 Dinner & Dance Event Costume Rental Companies in Singapore

By Dinner and Dance Archives

Just about everyone loves a good party. Especially the ones where you can dress up! Whether you’re attending a series of private parties or a few work-related special events, chances are you’re looking for dinner and dance costume rental.

Fortunately, several top costume hire companies will be able to supply you with the best costumes for your special events and birthday parties. Additionally, many of these companies serve as a one-stop solution where you can get both the costume and accessories. Let’s take a look at a few of the more common companies to consider.

Before we start on the list of costume rental companies. If you need help in managing your company’s dinner and dance event, we are able to manage it on your behalf. Do use the two contact buttons below to connect with us.

Superhero Theme

# 1. CCM Costume

ccm costume website

If you’re looking for extravagant and attention-grabbing costumes, then CCM Costume is the place to start your search. No matter what popular themes you and your family and friends are looking for, CCM has everything from current superhero options to accessories such as boa feathers and inflatable costumes. It’s easy to see why this company is a popular option for costumes required for the private and corporate gala dinners that are so popular around Singapore.

Address: 9 Kallang Place, #02-09 Singapore 339154
Contact no: +65 9299 9064
Working Day & Time: Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm | Sat: 10.30am-3pm | Eve of PH: 11am-3pm | Sun & PH: Closed


costumes n parties website

Situated in Havelock II, this company boasts the largest wardrobe of costumes made up of popular themes and fictional characters in South-East Asia. Since they also have over 20 years of experience in the costume industry, they are excellent at helping you find the best outfit for function. Operating hours from Monday to Saturday mean you’ll find your costume, even if your schedule is hectic throughout the week.

Address: Havelock II, Unit #02-16/17/18, No.2 Havelock Road, Singapore 059763
Contact no: 6224 8742
Working Day & Time: Monday – Friday: 11.00 A.M – 8:00 P.M | Saturday: 11.00 A.M – 6:00 P.M | PH & Sunday Closed

Traditional Style

#3. Miiostore Costumes

miiostore website

Working with a limited budget? Looking for an affordable way to get the best group costumes? Look no further than Miiostore Costumes. With their reputation for being one of the most affordable costume hire companies in Singapore, you can find even the most outrageous costumes at a price that suits your pocket!



global costume website

At Global Costume PTE LTD, you’ll find the most intriguing range of traditional and other costumes. They also have an extensive range of accessories that include everything from boa feathers to wigs, hats and masks. Furthermore, if you can’t find the costume you’re looking for, the staff will help you customise and create existing costumes to meet your needs. Costume rentals have never been easier.

Address: 114 Lavender Street CT HUB 2 #01-55/56 Singapore 338729
Contact no: +65 9733 9492
Working Day & Time: 11.00am-7.00pm (Mon-Sat) | Closed on Sun/PH

Retro Style

#5. The Costume

thecostume website

Another costume company that’s well known for its extravagant outfits for both adults and children is The Costume. With everything from vampire outfits to supreme costumes, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for at The Costume.

Address: LHK Building, 701 Sims Drive, #01-04, Singapore 387383
Contact no: +65 6292 4889
Working Day & Time: Tuesdays to Fridays: 12pm to 7pm | Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: By Appointment Only | They rest on Mondays.

#6. JCM Costume Rental

jcmcostume website

Looking for a one-stop solution store when it comes to you arranging your costume rental and accessories? With over 30 years of experience in the costume rental business, JCM Costume Rental can help you find anything from a superhero costume to all the accessories for your dinner and dance and Indian-themed events.

Address: 47 Jln Pemimpin #05-01, Halcyon 2 S’pore 577200
Contact no: +65 9817 6994
Email: |


#7. Ministry of Costumes


ministryofcostumes website

Since being founded in 2016, the Ministry of Costumes company has become well-known for its wide range of individual and group costumes. Whether you’re looking for Halloween products or costumes from around the world, this company has the solution. Additionally, their affordable prices make them a firm favourite in Singapore.

Address: 217 Henderson Road, # 04-04, Singapore 159555
Contact no: +65 6270 1733

Things to Note When Renting

  1. Research a few different costume rental companies to get a better idea of what’s available.
  2. Opt for a store with a wide range of costumes and accessories
  3. Confirm via phone or email that quality costumes are available.
  4. Visit the costume shop in person to check sizes as well as possible costume accessories.
  5. Establish the reservation process as well as the rental period.
  6. Enquire about corporate rates for group costumes required for corporate events.
  7. Check if there are same-day delivery and mascot cleaning services available.
  8. Find out if modifications can be made to the sizes of costumes to ensure the best fit.
  9. Compare costs of various costume rental companies as well as special offers for party wigs, themed party accessories and steampunk items.
  10. Ask about extras such as studio shoots and makeup and hairstyling which will make the costume rental process much simpler.


And there you have it! Our list of some of the more popular costume rental companies in Singapore.

Of course, if you’re planning an event, renting a costume is just one aspect to consider. When you also need help with the event itself, it’s worth noting that That’s Innovative also does dinner and dance event management. Getting the assistance you need to plan your next event is as simple as giving us a call!

Have you enjoyed this article about the most popular dinner and dance costume rental companies? If so, please share it with your friends, family or colleagues who may be looking for an event planning company or even an affordable costume rental!

Corporate Dinner and Dance

23 Dinner & Dance Event Themes to Consider for Your Company

By Dinner and Dance Archives

Have you been tasked to organise the company’s next dinner and dance event but aren’t sure what theme to pick and how to handle the logistics? Hiring the services of an event company is your solution AND they can help you create the perfect dinner and dance theme for an evening to remember!

We list a few theme options to help you start planning the event of the year!

List of Corporate Dinner and Dance Themes

#1. Around the World

Inspire guests to dress up in costumes representing different countries from around the world. Use professional event Emcees to create a memorable occasion as they share cultural stories from countries afar.

Helpful tip: take it one step further and include menus with dishes from other countries to tantalise the taste buds!

#2. Alice in Wonderland

For a light-hearted and magical evening, re-create the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and thrill your guests with Alice in Wonderland décor. Décor such as toy bunnies, extra-large cards, mushrooms and colourful crockery will get the party going as guests mingle in their themed costumes.

Don’t forget to include a photo booth for partygoers to capture the experience.

#3. Back to School

Challenge your colleagues to pull out their old school uniforms to dress up. To prepare the setting, transform the venue with chalkboards and five-star canteen meals. This is a great theme for colleagues to get to know each other as they share their school days’ stories. It’s a fun theme for a night of laughter and team building.

#4. Black & White

If it’s glamour you’re after and the event is honouring special employees resigning or retiring from the company, you can’t go wrong with the Black & White theme. Colleagues can choose their own elegant attires while sticking to monochromatic colours.

Top tip: use pre-event activities such as “Guess Who” (will win tonight) to build the excitement for the special occasion.

#5. Circus

A fun dinner and dance theme for end-of-year parties is the Circus. Attendees can dress up in costumes if they want to but entertainment is the key to success here. Circus acts throughout the evening will keep your colleagues enthralled while enjoying quality time with other employees outside of the workplace.

#6. Disco Night

Celebrate a major company milestone with a “disco night” dance theme. Bring out the razzle and dazzle with live Saturday Night Fever music, glittering disco balls and neon lights. Colleagues can let their hair down as they show off their dance moves while impressing with bell bottoms and flared shirts with floral prints.

#7. Enchanted Forest

This event theme is full of enchantment and you can use forest creatures, plants and starry nights as part of décor and any printed items. Fairy lights, lush greenery and fake lawn will set the scene, creating an ambience of awe and delight.

Helpful tip: go one step further and hire a venue at the Singapore Botanic Gardens to create the perfect setting for such a theme.

#8. Fairytale

Here’s a magical theme to celebrate the women in your company! Let them dress up as their favourite fairytale characters, serve delicious dishes and don’t forget to add some whimsical music to get them dancing all night long.

Including a ‘Best dressed’ competition adds to the fun as does fairytale party decorations.

#9. Great Gatsby

An excellent corporate dinner and dance theme, Great Gatsby brings in the roaring 20s with live jazzy music, decadent menus and legendary cocktails. Colleagues can dress up in black flapper dresses, pearl necklaces and black suits with collared white shirts.

#10. Halloween

Halloween is a good reason for hosting a company’s dinner. With some innovative event planning you can use the Halloween theme to create a chilling but creepy-cool atmosphere that’ll capture your attendees’ wildest imaginations. Use prop rentals to decorate your venue – ghosts, skeletons and cobwebs will surprise your guests and make the night something to remember and talk about afterwards!

#11. Harry Potter

This movie-themed dinner and dance involves staging to capture the Great Hall Dining experience and Polyjuice Portion Punch to get the party going. Guests can dress up in themed costumes and enjoy their own Yule Ball. If space allows throw in a Quidditch game to amp up the excitement.

#12. Hawaiian Beach Party

Another fun end-of-year or summer dinner and dance event them is hosting an Hawaiian Beach Party—even if you’re far from the sea! Bring out the pina colados and decorate the venue with giant, colourful paper lanterns and palm trees while including tropical and Luau music for a night of dancing and laughter. Pineapple motifs and festive dishes are the perfect finishing touches.

#13. Masquerade

Hosting a Masquerade event for the company’s dinner and dance evening is a popular theme. Colleagues get the opportunity to dress up in ball gowns and tuxedos while hiding behind elaborate masks.

Decorate with fake chandeliers and hire a hotel ballroom complete with video and audio support. Technology can help create an atmosphere through music and showcase company achievements on a big screen, for all to celebrate.

#14. Murder Mystery

Most people love a murder mystery and using it as a theme for corporate events is great for teambuilding while testing your colleagues’ mystery-solving skills. Organising a murder mystery hunt before dinner with clues and detectives leading the way is an exciting way to get the party started.

#15. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is all about opulence, romance, and fire performers! Using acts is vital as well as encouraging your party guests to dress according to the theme. Hiring event entertainment will ensure the unique atmosphere is sustained throughout the night.

Once again, don’t forget to include photo-taking opportunities to capture memories, as it’s not every day your team gets the chance to dress up like this.

#16. Nautical

Introduce the nautical theme for the next company dinner and watch your colleagues arrive dressed up as Blackbeard the Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow or King Neptune. Music from the famous Titanic movie will get your party goers dancing, while shipwrecks, treasure chests and ocean views make wonderful backdrops for the event.

#17. The Oscars

If your company is celebrating success and hosting an awards ceremony, consider using the Oscars theme. This formal gala event is an excellent way to showcase your top-performing employees with red carpets, photographers and an elegant dinner menu rounding off the ceremony-feel.

Top tip: ensure you have an inspiring Emcee to spice up the event, as this is also synonymous with Oscar evenings.

#18. Rock ‘n’ Roll Party

Dinner and dance events should include a rock ‘n’ roll theme for companies who want to give their employees a musical evening. Hiring bands, offering 50s-style burgers and milkshakes as well as plastic records, balloons and posters of legendary rock ‘n’ roll stars should be part of your event planning process.

#19. Superheroes

Give your colleagues the opportunity to dress up as their favourite movie character from the Marvel series with a Superhero-themed dinner and dance. This exciting theme can incorporate mascots and costumes as well as larger-than-life city skyline backdrops. Decorate the table with Superhero-branded plates and napkins for the ideal finishing touch.

#20. Wild, Wild West

Westerns make a popular theme for parties and corporate dinners, because it refers to an exciting era. Hay bales, country music and toy guns all add authenticity to a Wild, Wild West event. Make sure your colleagues come as cowboys or other relevant characters and be sure to include a saloon bar and serve western grub.

#21. Winter Wonderland

It might not snow in Singapore but that doesn’t stop your company from hosting a magical Winter Wonderland event. Consider hiring the ice rink for the night and use dance events to entertain guests while eating dinner. Fake snow, pine trees and toasted marshmallows with hot chocolate will create the ambience you want.

#22. Wizard of Oz

Another movie-themed dinner and dance could be based on The Wizard of Oz. Your colleagues can choose to be Dorothy Gale, The Tin Man or Scarecrow or the Wicked Witch of the West. Playing music from the movie as guests arrive will get them into the mood before enjoying the night’s events.

#23. Yoda and Star Wars

Are your company’s workers crazy about anything to do with Yoda and Star Wars? That’s a great theme for hosting an annual dinner and dance and attendees can dress up as Yoda or any of the other popular Star Wars characters.


Don’t let time and budget constraints hold you back from hosting a company dinner and dance. Our team at That’s Innovative is creative, can coordinate vendors for you and will deliver a flawless experience that’s budget-friendly while saving you time.

Give us a call and let’s talk – and please share this article so others can also start planning epic functions for their teams.

19 Dinner & Dance Event Games that the Audience Will Enjoy

By Dinner and Dance Archives

Playing dinner and dance games at corporate events is a great way to break the ice and encourage your audience to enjoy the occasion. Using games that involve teamwork, help your colleagues to get to know each other better or learn more about the company they work for, is a fun way of keeping guests entertained!

Best Dinner and Dance Games To Play

#1. Kahoot

kahoot logo

Create a fun “did you know” game using technology! This online platform lets you develop your own fun activity that requires your audience, using an app on their devices, to answer questions shared on a large live screen. You can increase excitement and engagement by including diagrams, images and videos.

Facilitated by a game host or an entertaining event Emcee, this is a great activity for learning facts about your company!

#2. Table Trivia

Also known as a trivia quiz, participants can play this fun game while seated at tables. Groups of up to eight players work together to unravel the questions before getting the answers. The company dinner event organiser can create questions related to the event’s theme and each group should come up with amusing team names.

Players will be disqualified if they use outside sources such as mobiles to find the answers!

#3. Musical Chairs

This is a light-hearted activity that’s sure to get your audience laughing! An Emcee can ramp up the excitement with music that ties in with the annual dinner theme. Set up chairs in a circle – guests move around when the music plays before grabbing a seat when it stops. After each round, one chair is removed, making the game more competitive as players rush to find a seat!

#4. Charades

Introduce this classic game at the next dinner and dance event and keep your guests amused while they guess what the player is miming! Each team has a bowl that includes phrases or titles for players to pull out. They can only use hand gestures or body motions without speaking while other guests in the team try to guess the phrase or title. Hand out attractive prizes to the winning teams.

#5. Who Am I?

This is a simple activity to put together, especially if you’re battling with time or budget constraints. Write the name of a famous character onto a sticky note and place it on the back of a player. To guess who they are, the player can only ask yes/no questions to the rest of the team. You can poke fun by using the names of well-known colleagues who work for the company!

#6. Photo Booth Props


Organise some costumes of popular characters (including hats, glasses and wigs) for each table, set up a photo booth and let your guests have fun dressing up for photographs. This is a surefire way of getting your dinner and dance party guests laughing and capturing memories to remember years down the line.

#7. Balloon Pop

Insert pieces of paper with the name of a prize or temporary tattoos inside balloons before inflating them. Attach each balloon to a guest’s chair and ask them to pop them to reveal their prize or tattoo. This is an exciting way to get your audience ready for a night of fun and laughter at dinner and dance events.

#8. Bingo

Spice up your bingo game with cards using images or words associated with the dinner and dance theme. Your professional Emcee can call out the items for guests to mark off on their boards. Include themed food items, such as heart-shaped chocolates for a Valentine’s corporate dinner, as bingo markers.

#9. Dance-Off

Dance games allow your guests to show off their best moves! The audience can vote for their favourite dancers and a winner is declared in the final round. Make a post-event video for colleagues to keep as a memento of great dance performances put on by their talented workmates!

#10. Tabletop Karaoke

Karaoke is a great stress reliever that allows your audience to relax and let their hair down after a busy year at work. Set up a tabletop karaoke machine or use an app for your audience to sing along and watch your guests lighten up as participants entertain them with their favourite song. Turn it into a competition and let the audience decide who’s the best singer.

#11. Carnival Games

Hire the services of roving talents to move between guests, playing carnival games. This activity allows your guests to relax as they’re thrilled by fire twirlers, LED lion dances or masquerade stilt walkers. Encourage the audience to engage with the performers and dress appropriately for a carnival-themed dinner and dance.

#12. Tabletop Word Search

While your audience is waiting for the main event to start, ask them to complete the tabletop word search included at their table. Make it extra-fun by using a jumbo-sized word search so all the guests at one table can work together as a team as they find the words related to the event’s theme or company facts. The first table to find the winning word gets a prize!

#13. Guess an Emoji

emojis icons

You’ll need a game host and a large screen to display various emojis depicting popular movie titles, phrases or songs. Divide the audience into teams and allow each one to guess the emoji. If they don’t get it right, move on to the next team until a group gets it right. This is a fun pre-event activity for occasions such as awards celebrations.

#14. Name That Tune

Playing snippets of songs or music is an excellent game for teams to work together while figuring out the right answer. You can select a genre with interesting themes to align with the occasion whether the party is happening in a hotel ballroom or a funky nightclub. Organise a music-related prize for the winning team!

#15. Tabletop Paper Airplane Contest

This is a cool game and all you need to do is supply materials for guests to create paper airplanes – they can do this individually or as a team. When the airplanes have been constructed, players are invited onto the stage to compete against each other to see whose plane flies the furthest. Award the winner with a themed prize!

#16. Guess the Celebrity

At the next event, why not play this game to break the ice before your guests indulge in dinner? The event Emcee can display partially concealed images of famous celebrities on a large screen and give each team an opportunity to guess the star. Include some images of management to get the participants fully engaged as they try to figure out who the “celebrity” is!

#17. Guess the Movie Quote

guess the movie quote

Still on the movie theme, ask guests to pull out a famous quote from a bowl and guess which film it came from. Used for teambuilding or while the guests are waiting for the dinner and dance event to kick off, this is an easy activity to organise. Use this as an icebreaker for colleagues seated with employees from different departments whom they’re not familiar with.

#18. Guess the Sound

To play this game, you’ll need a quality sound system and recordings of different noises such as animals or movie clips. Allocate participants into teams – those seated at tables for a dinner and dance event can work together as a group. The first team to put their hands up can take a guess!

#19. Tabletop Straw Race

This is an excellent activity that doesn’t cost a lot of money to organise. All you need are enough straws for participants at each table and lightweight objects such as a ping pong ball. Guests need to blow the objects across the table to each other or you can opt for a race format for more competition between the participants.


Contact our professional event team at That’s Innovative who can take the pressure off you by organising activities for a flawless experience at your next company D&D party. We handle vendor coordination too, ensuring you have the right equipment for the games.

And if you liked our list of games, please feel free to share it with other companies looking for fun ideas!


18 Dinner & Dance Event Venues to Consider for Your Company in Singapore

By Dinner and Dance Archives

Are you looking for dinner and dance venues for your next corporate event? Singapore is home to some of the coolest, elegant and vibey event spaces that allow you to transform a company party into an unforgettable occasion! Read on as we share a variety of venues to pick from.

By the way, we are experienced in managing dinner and dance event for your company, if you are considering outsourcing the event management, do contact us using the buttons below.

List of Company Dinner and Dance Venues in Singapore

#1. Alma by Juan Amador (Orchard/River Valley) website

When hosting corporate events, Main Dining @ Alma by Juan Amador allows you to create an unforgettable company dinner and dance party. Customising your event has never been easier as you can bring your own music, DJ and event Emcee. It has seating for up to 120 guests so it’s a perfect venue for smaller groups.

Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Contact no: +65 6735 9937 (Main Line) | +65 9750 5888 (Whatsapp & Non-Operation Hrs)
Working Day & Time: Close on Every Sunday & Monday (Full Day)

#2. Changi Cove Auditorium (Cranwell Road)

changicove website

Seating 200 pax, this venue can be transformed into a magical event space for end-of-year functions. It includes a portable stage for awards ceremonies or entertainment and is fully equipped with audio-visual systems. With floor-to-ceiling windows, you couldn’t get a better view of the stunning gardens outside!

Address: 351 Cranwell Road, Singapore 509866
Contact no: +65 6922 6122

#3. Fairmont Ballroom (Bras Basah Road, City Centre)

fairmont sg website

If you’re looking for an elegant venue for an extravagant and memorable event that can accommodate up to 1,750 guests, this is the place for you. It can work for various types of events because you can pick from a variety of menus and seating layouts.

Address: 80 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189560
Contact no: +65 6339 7777

#4. Have Fun Karaoke (Various Locations in Singapore)

have fun karaoke sg website

Customisation is the name of the game with this venue and you can hire an event services company to work with the in-house team to create an unforgettable occasion. This is a great place for your colleagues to let down their hair, participate in karaoke and dance the night away.

Address: Multiple locations

#5. HERE (Farrer Park)

lofty spaces sg website

If you’re looking for an eclectic atmosphere, this unique events space has it all! A mini-stage can be used to provide entertainment and you can ask your guests to dress up in themed costumes for an unforgettable night of dining and dancing. The ideal spot for celebrations and product launches too!

Address: Multiple address
Contact no: +65 8892 8301

#6. InterContinental Singapore (Robertson Quay)

robertsonquay intercontinental sg website

The hotel’s Publico Ristorante can serve up to 250 attendees with Italian-style delicious food and a stunning view of the Singapore River. The venue can accommodate large-scale corporate dinners and dance events and with top class service, you can be sure your every need is met for a successful company function.

Address: 1 Nanson Road Singapore 238909
Contact no: +65 6826 5000

#7. Mandala Club (Outram)

mandala club sg website

Considered one of the most exclusive event spaces in Singapore, this venue can help you plan an amazing dinner and dance experience. The space is dynamic and customisable, making it easier to host themed company parties. You can select from a variety of function rooms to match your budget.

Address: 31 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089845
Contact no: +65 8822 9154

#8. Moon Rooftop Bar and Lounge (Marina Bay)

moon sg website

Does the idea of looking at stunning views over Singapore’s skyline while enjoying a multi-functional outdoor event space appeal to you for the next company dinner and dance? This rooftop venue has easy access to public transport, is exclusive and private and offers international cuisine—perfect for and Around the World party theme.

Address: 70 Anson Road, #27-01 Hub Synergy Point, Singapore 079905
Contact no: +65 9796 6696

#9. Marina Bay Sands Hotel (Marina Bay)

marina bay sands hotel website

If you’re hosting a carnival-themed event for the company’s dinner and dance, check out Marquee Singapore located on the hotel grounds. The largest nightclub in Singapore, you can book for up to 1,700 colleagues to dine and dance the night away. Enjoy the indoor Ferris wheel or three-storey slide plus a whole lot more!

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Contact no: +65 6688 3000

#10. Nalati Restaurant and Events (Raffles Place)

nalati sg website

An ideal space for hosting an Enchanted Forest theme event – a perfect way to celebrate summer! This unique garden venue exudes serenity and elegance while offering a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes. Simply hire your own professional Emcee to keep your guests entertained and don’t forget to set up a dance floor! You’ll create a night all guests will remember.

Address: 9 Raffles Place #02-01, Republic Plaza Tower 1, Singapore, 048619
Contact no: +65 9710 6471

#11. Oche Riverside Point (Clarke Quay)

oche sg website

When you pick the full venue hire, you can invite up to 350 guests to the company’s annual dinner and dance. Dart booths add some novelty to the party theme and the venue provides cocktails and delicious menus. Plus, it’s only a five-minute walk from the Clarke Quay Station.

Address: 30 Merchant Road, #01-05/06, Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Contact no: +65 8808 9834

#12. Orchard Hotel (Orchard Road)

When planning your next event consider booking this hotel ballroom that comes with full audio and video support for top-class entertainment. Whether it’s event lighting, large LED screens or professional sound systems that professional event coordinators want to incorporate, it can all happen here.

Address: 442 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238879
Contact no: +65 6734 7766/6582

#13. The Colonial @ Scotts

the colonial at scotts

This boutique hotel offers a classy and sophisticated space for private events. Catering to corporate functions, this tranquil and elegant venue is just what you need for a memorable experience your colleagues will talk about for months afterward. Hire a live band, get out on the dance floor and let the party begin!

Address: 31A Scotts Rd, Singapore 228225
Contact no: +65 6733 3894

#14. The Fullerton Hotel (Boat Quay)

the fullerton hotel sg website

This five-star hotel offers several venues but The Straits Room is the one to book for formal dinner and dance galas. Hire a corporate dinner and dance event company to help you create a themed event such as Masquerade, The Great Gatsby or Oriental Pearl. It’s sure to be a memorable night for all at this classy location!

Address: 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178
Contact no: +65 6733 8388

#15. The Masons Table (Clarke Quay)

themasonstable sg website

An intimate and stylish venue that’s surrounded by lush greenery and can hold 150 people, this is a wonderful place to host the next company event. You can bring your own décor and professional Emcee and throw in some entertainment to create an enjoyable atmosphere. The venue offers flexible pricing, allowing you to stay within your budget.

Address: 23A Coleman Street, Singapore 179806
Contact no: +65 8839 6627

#16. The Pan Pacific Hotel (Marina Bay)

panpacific sg website

Seating up to 800 guests and providing event planning for corporate functions, you can pick one of their luxurious ballrooms for hosting an unforgettable night. The hotel offers fine cuisine, easy access to public transport and overnight accommodation for employees who are only visiting the area, making it ideal for global companies.

Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square Singapore 039595
Contact no: +65 6336 8111

#17. The Vine Ballroom (Stevens Road, Singapore)

the vine ballroom sg website

Use prop rentals to turn the Vine Ballroom into a ghostly town for company Halloween parties. The event space is big enough to accommodate 160 guests for a banquet evening and is easily accessible from the Stevens MRT Station. This venue offers the latest lighting technology to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere or help you host other creatively themed occasions!

Website: ()
Address: 60 Stevens Road, Singapore 257854
Contact no: +65 6839 8333

#18. Viva Loca (Changi)

vivaloca sg website

Why not book one of Singapore’s most popular restaurants for your Around the World-themed company party? The venue offers a wide range of international dishes and you can bring your own DJ to play music for those who want to dance. It’s a unique venue that accommodates up to 200 people.

Address: Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-68/69, 486038
Contact no: +65 8322 5626

Final Thoughts

If you need a D&D events management team to handle logistical challenges and suggest even more creative venues and innovative party ideas, contact us at That’s Innovative using the two buttons below. We take away the stress while preventing last-minute hitches.

Did you enjoy our venues list? Found your next party’s location? Feel free to share it!