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It’s easy to see why dinner and dance events are so trendy in Singapore. These types of events are so much fun they’re often the go-to plan for corporate events. Aside from the fun factor, it also allows employees to interact with each other outside of the regular workplace setting.

Singapore boasts a wide range of cultures and many have a love of dancing, each type with its own symbolic and visual impact. So, if you’re wondering how to effectively plan for your next annual corporate event, why not consider a vibrant dinner and dance? This post shares what you need to know!

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Understanding the Singaporean Context

cultural harmony dance in Singapore

Cultural Considerations

As you’re setting out to create a dance event in Singapore, there are a few cultural considerations that you will need to keep in mind. For starters, you should review the local customs, dances and preferences of the people on your guest list.

Be sure that your planned events are sensitive to different cultures as the last thing you want to do is offend some of your guests. Since Singapore is such a diverse country, it’s essential to incorporate a wide range of multicultural elements to showcase your company’s diversity.

Legal and Logistical Aspects

Depending on the type of social event you are hosting, it’s necessary to establish what permits and legal requirements are required. This is especially important if you want to have outdoor events or include a fireworks display in your event.

When it comes to navigating local regulations for your event consider the following:

  • Check with the manager of the venue about any special permits needed for the event you have planned.
  • Arrange permits in advance by speaking directly to the local authorities in charge of social events.

Choosing the Right Venue

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Factors to Consider

When it comes to choosing the right venue, there are several important factors to consider:

  • Size and capacity based on the guest list: Here you want to arrange a venue that’s not only large enough to comfortably host your guests but also has a dance floor.
  • Location accessibility and parking facilities: Whether you’re hosting a corporate dinner or a dance event, you’ll need a location that’s easy enough for your guests to reach. Safe parking facilities are a must!
  • Venue’s reputation and past event success: If you’re using a venue for the first time, it’s crucial to review its reputation to ensure that it provides everything it promises. Check online reviews to see how event planners have rated their experience at the venue. Always opt for a venue with a proven track record.

Top Venues in Singapore

With dinner and dance events picking up in popularity, the good news is that there isn’t a shortage of venues to choose from. When reviewing the more popular dinner and dance venues in your area, be sure to consider the following:

  • Where is each venue based, and how far will your guests have to travel?
  • How many guests can each venue host?
  • What unique features does each venue offer and how does this tie in with the theme of your event?
  • Keep in mind that you will require adequate dancing room as well as space for tables.

Theme and Decor

Selecting a Theme

It’s equally important to choose the right event theme to create the perfect atmosphere. Some popular Singapore themes to consider include the following:

  • Peranakan Night
  • Marina Bay Glam
  • Back to school
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Black & white
  • Circus

Furthermore, it also a good idea to align your theme with your corporate branding, personal style or work theme for the year. Use your company goals to come up with a few good ideas. For instance, if your goal for the year is to increase profits, you may want to consider a casino theme!

Decor and Setup

Choosing the décor based on your chosen theme is another way to exceed expectations for your dinner and dance event. When you’re shortlisting potential options, be sure to create a detailed list of the decorations you’re going to use, as well as where you’re going to get them from. Incorporating local art and design elements is an excellent way to create a relatable atmosphere.

Catering and Cuisine

Understanding Local Palates

What would a dinner and dance event be without excellent food? When you’re working on the menu of your event, include a variety of popular Singaporean dishes and flavours, to give it an authentic, local feel. Base these dishes on different dietary requirements so that you will be able to cater for all your guests equally.

Ask your guests to communicate their dietary requirements early so that you can prepare accordingly. Doing this will ensure that you cater for a range of diverse tastes and help everyone enjoy the evening optimally.

Selecting a Caterer

The last thing you need is to have your guests leave your event with tummy complaints! With that in mind, it’s essential to use an established caterer. To find the best catering team for your corporate or dinner and dance event, consider the following criteria:

  • Create a list of the top caterers in your area that specialise in dinner and dance events.
  • Always schedule a tasting to test the quality of the food.
  • Ask for references and follow-up to ensure that the food offered was as promised.
  • Check online reviews.
  • Assess whether the caterer can accommodate the number of guests as well as a diverse menu.
  • Once you’ve chosen the best caterer for the job, work closely with them to ensure that arranging the menu runs smoothly.

Entertainment and Activities

Local Entertainment Options

To keep your guests fully engaged, have a mix of traditional and modern entertainment choices. Since you’re planning a dinner and dance event, it’s a good idea to get the contact information for popular live bands, video DJs, emcees and dance performers.


Engaging Activities

In Singapore, dinner and dance games are incredibly popular at corporate events, as it’s an excellent way to break the ice and have fun at the same time. Some interactive activities include the following:

  • Dance competitions
  • Photo booths
  • Charades
  • Musical chairs
  • Bingo
  • Balloon pop

When scheduling activities for your dinner dance or company dinner, it’s important to plan activities in a way that keeps the event flowing and minimises the chances of anyone getting bored. Expert tips include:

  • Ensure events start on time and time activities to avoid them going on for too long
  • Share the event flow with everyone so guests are never confused.
  • Print the events and place a copy with each table plan.
  • Encourage everyone to participate.
  • Have an engaging, bilingual emcee to keep everyone interested.

Logistics and Planning

Audio support for live events


Timeline and Checklist

For your event to run smoothly, you will need to plan your timeline in great detail from start to finish. This includes creating a comprehensive checklist for all stages of event planning. Elaborate on who needs to do what and at what time. Share this plan with everyone helping out on the day.

Handling Emergencies

No matter how well you plan your event, there’s always the risk of an emergency. To prepare for this, ensure that you have clear and detailed guidelines on how to manage any unexpected situation.

It’s also important to have a fully-stocked medical aid kit at the event. This is important for a small or large-scale event. Be sure that all organisers have the contact information for emergency services as well as the details of backup vendors.

Marketing and Invitations

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Crafting Invitations

If your guests know you’re hosting a dinner and dance event, they will most likely be eagerly waiting to see what the invitation looks like! This sets the stage for what’s to come! Here, you have two main choices. You can create digital invitations, which you email or message to your guests, or you can use the traditional route of creating physical invitations.

Whichever method you choose, keep the following in mind:

  • Create a design that reflects your event’s theme by using the right font and visual elements
  • If there’s a dress code, be specific about what it is
  • Provide clear about the venue’s address and provide directions
  • Ask for an RSVP date for catering purposes

Promoting the Event

An effective way to promote your event is to use social media, your work website, or local platforms. Here, you only want to use the ones that apply to your event. Depending on your guest list, promoting your event by word-of-mouth may be a good idea.

Budgeting and Cost Management

Creating a Budget

It’s equally important to create an event budget to cover the costs of the entire process. The following should be budgeted for:

–       Hiring the venue

–       Catering and drinks

–       Décor which also includes name cards

–       Entertainment which can include a professional photographer, audio-visual equipment, virtual events and an epic DJ

–       Assistants and cleaners

Consider these tips to help you allocate your budget to different aspects of the event:

  • Review your past events and determine how much you spent
  • Divide your budget into chunks with the largest being allocated to venue rental and food

Cost-Saving Strategies

Hosting a successful dinner and dance event can be costly. Consider these tips to help you save money if you’re on a tight budget.

  • Create an overall budget.
  • Set up a plan and talk to sponsors to assist with some of the costs.
  • The venue is usually the largest expense, so be sure to compare quotes.
  • Consider renting décor rather than buying.
  • Use an event planning company as they have many options in-house that will be cheaper than hiring individual vendors.


Keep in mind that organising a successful dinner and dance in Singapore will involve embracing the following key points:

  • Choosing a reputable venue.
  • Arranging interactive entertainment.
  • Using a professional caterer.
  • Enlisting cost-saving strategies and using new ideas to create a different experience.                           

Furthermore, embracing the local culture in all your event planning in Singapore is always a good idea. That way, you’re sure to have a successful dinner.

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