Liberty Insurance

Liberty Insurance Singapore is a 100% owned strategic business unit of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. Headquartered in Boston, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group is a diversified global insurer and the 5th largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S based on 2016 direct written premium.

What We Delivered

Attention ladies and gentlemen. Let’s take flight with Liberty Insurance! The committee of Liberty Insurance live true to the value “We deliver an exceptional customer experience.”.
From planning, to coordinating and execution. They are always full of enthusiasm to deliver the best. To commemorate their 10th Anniversary, a special MTV featuring the top charts songs from around the world was filmed within the facilities of the Liberty Insurance office. The supportive consultants of Liberty Insurance danced and role played despite short practise session with our dance choreographer on the day of filming. On the big day, everyone came dressed to theme as pilots or flight attendants. It was a spectacular night with lots of fun and laughter.

Captured Moments
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