AMS ShuZi “Master Your Life” Masterclass (Pair)


This 16-hour masterclass, you will master the principles on customizing certain numbers to improve your energy in different areas.


Key Highlights

1. Understanding your very own life blueprint, through your Identification Number.

2. Harnessing the knowledge of ShuZi to conduct personality analysis.

3. Find out about your best model to obtain wealth and career success.

4. ​Discover how to customize certain numbers in their lives to improve overall energy levels.

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Product Description


2012: Ventured into entrepreneurship, developing sales organisations to market overseas real estate, commodities, private equities and training courses!

2016: Business has expanded across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines!

2018: Invited by the SME Development Agency of Nigeria to give a training workshop, becoming the youngest Singaporean speaker in Nigeria!

2016: After learning about the study of numbers, and improving his energy, he started to see career breakthroughs and better relationships with his family.

2017: Seeing the improvements in his life, Adams decided to learn this study, to serve and empower more lives!

2018: Made the decision to fully pursue numerology full time. He aims to use this avant-garde tool to help more people fulfil their lives!


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