7 Proven Steps To Uncover Your Life Mission


Key Highlights

1. Walking through physically 7 spatial anchor spaces, or guided through the mind by seating down. Meta position – Environment – Behavior – Capability – Beliefs & Values- Identity – Greater Whole.

2. A guided session with the coach to discover your life purpose.

3. No frills, action taking course to drive towards your outcome.

4. ​Trainees must prepare their NLA work sheet before joining the class.

5. Worksheet with instructions will be emailed to all trainees at least 3 days before the class

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Product Description


  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Consultant
  • He is an executive business coach whom assists leaders in optimizing their talents, skills, and values to enable them and their team’s success.
  • He has coached department heads to become more effective individuals and optimize the “people side” of their business.
  • Adrian can help executives achieve maximum impact as they assume new leadership positions. He has helped groom leaders to leverage on their organisation role, culture and leadership styles.
  • In other cases, Adrian can help to repair damaged relationships, improve morale, and ready key team members for new leadership positions


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