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There are many reasons why event functions are so popular in Singapore. The most common of these include the country’s strategic location, superior infrastructure, and extensive government support of the events management industry.

Typically, the most common events you’ll see happening around Singapore include corporate, private, and charity events. If you don’t have the experience or time to arrange an event, you can outsource it. This post takes a look at 14 of the event types that can be outsourced to event management companies.

Types of Events in Singapore

Corporate Event Type

Corporate events are among the most common functions arranged by event planners in Singapore. In an ever-changing market, there are several types of corporate events that you can consider hosting, as discussed below.

1. Conferences & Seminars

international women's day conference 3 mar 2024

Conferences and seminars are some of the most prominent types of events that can easily be outsourced to event planners that are commonplace in Singapore. These events are attended by board members and are traditionally held in a conference room resembling a board meeting.

However, event management can help you arrange these executive meetings in off-site premises where your team can discuss relevant and specific objectives. Virtual conferences have also gained popularity in recent years, catering to a broader audience.

2. Team Building Sessions

Team-building events are an integral part of encouraging collaboration and communication within an organisation. These sessions can take the form of outdoor activities on golf courses, sports fields, or even in local parks. Taking your team off-site is an excellent way to get them to work together outside of the work environment.

Team building encompasses not only icebreaker activities but also the development of a range of physical and mental challenges aimed at fostering collaboration among team members and participants alike. An event company can provide you with even ideas that align with or highlight your brand objectives.

3. Trade Shows

Trade shows, typically held at convention centers, are events where various businesses within a specific industry gather to showcase and demonstrate their services and products. These business-to-business gatherings in Singapore offer prime networking opportunities for like-minded business owners to exchange ideas.

While these shows were traditionally in-person events, recent advancements in event technology have made it possible to create virtual elements in these large-scale events. An event company can turn your tradeshow appearance into a virtual event by using the latest interactive tools.

This gives potential customers who can’t attend the event access to your product and service announcements. Focusing the event marketing toward a specific industry will instantly increase your networking and sales leads. Trade shows such as the ProWine Asia 2023 and the Singapore EXPO are known as some of the more effective networking events in Singapore. Millions of people attend these events every year.

4. Dinner and Dance

Sushi Tei Dineer & Dance - 07 Nov 2023

Dinner and dance functions, more commonly known as a D&D event, are a fun way to gather employees outside the work environment. While primarily still a corporate event, these functions involve sitting around round tables with space for dancing. There are often guest speakers and interactive activities to keep employees engaged.

These company parties create a more informal setting, often featuring a central theme. While usually held as live events, it’s not uncommon to include a virtual element to include remote team members. Events held in person also feature breakout rooms where staff members can discuss new ideas during any brainstorming sessions. D&D events are sometimes combined with award ceremonies.

5. Product Launches/ Company Launches

Boehringer Ingelheim Brand Launch - 31 Oct 23

Company launches are among the key aspects of establishing a new brand. Existing companies may also arrange regular company launches to ensure increased brand awareness. In addition to focusing on brand objectives, these events can host multiple speakers to emphasise company goals.

Since production launch events usually cater to a large number of people, they often have auditorium-style seating and include multiple speakers. In some instances, some aspects of the launch can be held virtually to include shareholders or investors.

6. Awards Dinner

Unity Popular Choice Awards - 31 Aug 023

Award ceremonies are crucial for industry leaders to recognise the performance of their employees and team members. They’re also an effective platform to discuss future business goals and highlight potential future product training sessions.

Corporate event planners agree that this creates a high level of employee engagement. Company management and executives can also use pre-recorded messages to express gratitude to their employees.

Private Event Type

Corporate events aren’t the only types of functions that you can outsource. In fact, outsourcing your private parties is an effective way to ensure that you stay within your budget and guests still have a memorable experience.

7. Weddings

Weddings are among the top special occasions outsourced in the events industry. Since the average wedding is a big event, arranging it alone can be quite stressful!

With an extensive network of connections in various industries, event planners will know how to arrange your wedding in the most affordable way possible. They will also have access to vendors and suppliers that will supply you with the best accessories needed for your wedding. Having an event planner organise everything on your behalf will ensure you have time to enjoy the wedding and spend time with your family.

8. Parties & Celebrations

Anyone who has ever lived in Singapore will agree that parties and celebrations are some of the most fun private events to attend. Event organisers have extensive experience to plan events with activities to meet all your party requirements. It’s the best way to create memorable experiences for you and your guests.

Charity Event Type

Charity events, another popular event type in Singapore, hold significant importance as they reflect your organization’s engagement with local community issues.

9. Gala Dinner

Finexis Awards Gala Dinner - 29 Jul 2022

Gala dinners have long served as a staple for event planners aiming to raise funds for the causes supported by their client’s organization. These events frequently feature themed parties designed to accentuate the purpose of the occasion.

With this type of event, it’s essential to have the right guest list as you not only want to build professional relationships but also create awareness for a particular charity. Gala dinners can also be used to source new talent for potential promotions or even as lead generation for interested parties.

10. Fundraisers

Fundraising events often go hand in hand with other charity events as they tend to cater to the same target audience. The event planning process for fundraisers includes highlighting relevant causes and having a clear idea of event objectives.


Event planners don’t only organise business events and weddings but also focus on functions that bring people together and create networking opportunities. Whether you’re arranging and remote set-up or an in-person event, you’ll have more success with the expertise of an events management company.

11. Family Day


Boehringer Ingelheim Family Day - 1 Jun 2023

Family Day is a popular celebration on the list of different types of events held in Singapore every year. This annual holiday highlights the importance of family in Singaporean culture and is a fantastic way to reconnect with loved ones.

Your local events management company can arrange an onsite get-together or even enable you to catch up with distant family on a virtual platform. This is especially effective if you have no experience with remote set-up procedures or you’re hoping to connect long-distance family to your gathering.

12. Festival

When it’s time to plan events, large festivals that span over multiple days can be quite challenging. With so many aspects to consider, larger events have criteria and legislations that need to be met. Getting the necessary permissions and licenses for these functions such as food festivals can be stressful and time-consuming.

If you’re arranging a food festival with a food truck or you’re planning to have one of the most attended music festivals in Singapore, you’re going to need an event planner. In addition to knowing how to arrange all the required aspects quickly and effectively, your event management company will ensure that your guests have the best time.

13. Performances

Whether you want to create a music or art performance, a considerable amount of event marketing will be required. This can also involve arranging guest speakers.

If arranging pop-up events isn’t your area of expertise, you can brainstorm ideas with an event planner that will enable you to host the best performance in town. You’ll also be able to turn the performance into a networking event, which you can add to your general marketing list.

14. Community Events

Ngee Ann Kongsi Mid Autumn Celebration - 23 Sep 2023

Community events, unlike business gatherings, engage the general public, drawing together a sizable crowd interested in local community affairs. Often hosted in town halls, these events encompass various forms such as craft markets, game nights, or even fashion shows.


Are you not sure where to start when it comes to planning your own event? Don’t have the expertise to make all the necessary arrangements? Are you too busy with other work functions to give your next event the attention it needs?

The good news is that That’s Innovative can help you create and host the perfect corporate event. Our team of experts knows what you need. The types of events they can manage include the following:

  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Team Building
  • Dinner and Dance
  • Product Launches/ Company Launches
  • Awards Dinner
  • Gala Dinner
  • Team Building
  • Fundraisers
  • Community Events
  • Family Day

Furthermore, That’s Innovative can also provide virtual and hybrid events, ensuring that you cater to a broader audience. With their expertise in arranging remote set-ups, they will instantly transform a small guest list into a full-scale event in no time. It’s as simple as contacting That’s Innovative to arrange a professional and memorable event.