Virtual Team Building 

The Lost Treasure –  360° Virtual Escape Room

An interactive and challenging virtual team building activity that will improve your employees engagement and productivity.

Team build with us in our 360° virtual escape room

Work in teams and compete with other team in our 360° virtual escape room. Navigate and explore 5 different virtual room and solve various puzzles to win the game together.

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How it will help your team

Improve your team communication

Strengthen bonds with the team

Create team synergy between teams

Our package includes

Game Master

The main organizer who creates challenges for players and give clues to teams when required.


Management of Breakout Rooms and dissemination of general clues.

Mission Brief Document

A written guide on the gameplay and the dos and don’t.

Breakout Room Management

Play in groups of fours or more. There is no limit to the total number of people that can join the escape room.

Use of Escape Room Platform

Our escape game times can adjusted to meet your needs. Speak to us to find out more.


Need an invite to your escape room game? We will create a poster or EDM for your guests.

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