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For THAT'S INNOVATIVE, a hybrid event is any type of gathering that combines aspects of in-person and virtual events into one comprehensive experience. We facilitate a blended format where an attendee can either engage in the event content at the physical venue or digitally online. No matter how you want your guests to participate, we will ensure all event attendees can seamlessly interact with their fellow guests, sponsors, and exhibitors.

In-person and virtual elements

By definition, a hybrid event must incorporate a virtual component into the physical event. This is how you extend the event to an online audience. However, that doesn’t mean simply live streaming event content—it’s about offering engaging, immersive experiences that remote attendees will love just as much as if they were front and center at the venue.

Networking opportunities

Networking is one of the biggest reasons people register for events. Regardless of how they attend, your target audience should be able to easily connect with fellow event attendees, whether it’s through breakout sessions, video conferencing, or face-to-face interaction.

A LIVE component

All types of events can include pre-recorded material, but there should always be an aspect that puts the “live” in “live event.”

Being In An Organising Committee Cannot Be Easy.

That’s Innovative offers a one-stop solution for event production from design and installation to visuals, sound, lighting, staging, scenery, print, and branding. By combining our vast collection of props, décor, and furnishings, with some of the Singapore’s top entertainers and performers, our aim is simple: to blend every element seamlessly to produce an experience which mesmerises your occasion.

Hybrid Events vs. In-Person Events

The main difference between in-person and hybrid events is that live or in-person events are hosted in a venue where all the attendees are physically present. Hybrid events, however, are a perfect blend of in-person and virtual events. A hybrid event can take many forms and serve many different organizational goals. Talk to us about your needs, and That’s Innovative will be happy to run through the tech inventory required for your event.


Hybrid conferences are the perfect blend of physical and virtual conferences. Hybrid conferences are both where physical and virtual attendees can network, watch speakers share valuable information and enjoy panel discussions live and online.

Trade Shows:

A hybrid trade show needs to predominantly showcase products & services, allow attendees to submit orders, and company reps to garner leads both in-person and virtually. Product listings, order sheets and live chats can be a great way to help sellers interact with attendees and generate new business.

Hybrid Events vs. Virtual Events

THAT’s INNOVATIVE has worked with a range of virtual events like webinars, web conferences, webcasts, product displays, and online meetings. Virtual events provide companies with the chance to engage with the global audience and target thousands of people all around the world. With greater accessibility, the attendees can easily hop online from the comfort of their home making it much easier to attend the event. Virtual events also allow enterprises to capture and gain engagement data, automatically with analytics through click details, watch times, and poll responses.


Hybrid exhibitions can be an excellent opportunity for organisations like museums, institutions, and art galleries to educate a worldwide audience. They can host their exhibits at a physical venue and let people around the world access them through virtual media. At THAT’s INNOVATIVE, we ensure the logistics of the technology involved, from setup to event completion.

Our Beloved Patrons

May I on behalf of NUS Business School express our sincere appreciation to thank you and your staff for
making our anniversary gala dinner a huge success.
We appreciate your good working attitude and patience in trying your best to accommodate our requests.
Your high level of professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to make this event a successful one is
certainly commendable. I'm also impressed by your commitment, dedication and ownership of the event.
We have received many good feedback from our staff and guests. Indeed, it was a memorable night for all of
us. We certainly look forward to working with you again.

Aw Beng Teck, Assistant DirectorCorporate Development & Communications NUS Business School

Thank you to you and your wonderful teamwork for creating a fabulous Coach Singapore/JPO Annual Dinner
for our colleagues. It was a perfect evening, indeed much better than last year with flawless organization with
great feedback from our retail team about the event.
Everyone was having lots of fun and enjoying themselves all the way!

Corine Ko, Office AdministratorCoach Singapore Pte Ltd

Thanks to you and your team for the well organised HAPUA event!
Your team has been accommodating and adaptive to our request even at the last minute which we raised.
You came across as a strong and experienced project leader whilst demonstrated your leadership with the
team. Your experience in this field aid in proposing and recommending solutions and options to us on
unforeseen issues and situations that occurred along the way. Your team is very helpful and resourceful as
well, and is of great help to us throughout the event.
Wai Wen is able to accommodate to our various requests, which sometimes could be a little time sensitive.
We love her designs of the stage backdrop and gif photo strip. The backdrop team was responsible too,
despite tight timeframe. Once they discovered that the backdrop printed were smudged, their quick response
was to reprint and replace the conference stage backdrop, and had it delivered to us in a short turnaround
time on the same working day.
Terrence, the emcee for our dinner event, also put in his 110% effort in putting up a good show for the night.
He went the extra mile to learn the different languages and songs that the audience can relate to. This
definitely made their dinner experience a pleasant and unforgettable one. He showed pride in
understanding the audience needs and culture, and did a fantastic job in engaging the audience throughout
the night.

Jason Chan, Human Resource DepartmentSP Group

This letter serves to express our appreciation to you and your supporting team for providing support in
ensuring our Walk with CASE 2008 event is a success.
Your organization has assisted to ensure our event went smoothly. We are satisfied with your service and are
appreciative of your helpful and supportive team.
Once again. We thank you for your contribution.

Seah Seng Choon, Executive DirectorConsumer Association of Singapore

Just wanted to say that it is nice working with you, and thank you for accommodating to all our crazy and last minute requests!??


On behalf of the MHQ Staff Welfare Committee and the Staffs of MHQ would like to thank you and your team
making the night a fabulous one. The night was filling up with spectacular performance by your team and all
the fun games which had engaged my follow colleagues to mingle with each other. Not forgetting with the
great emcee (Mr Edmund Toh) who had played an important role ensuring the smooth progress of the
Last but not least, it was a great experience working with That's Innovative. May we have a chance to work
again in near future.

Anderson Liew, Chairman for MHQ SWCFYMinistry of Home Affairs

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