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Corporate Team Building

Boost your team's camaraderie and performance with our corporate team building games and activities. Incorporate technology in your team building with Moove Teambuilding!

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We are the only company in Singapore that proudly brings you Moove Team. Teambuild with Technology.


What is Moove team?

Moove team is team building through the use of an interactive application. It offers an intense and challenging experience, drawing out players’ knowledge and personality to foster fellowship and collaborative work. Participants have to work together to solve puzzles on an iPad, complete team bonding activities, search for items via GPS and attack other teams virtually.

Our Past Team Building Themes

4Rs Team Building: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Renew

Overseas Cultural Team Building & Dinner (Korea)

Bring out the best of your employees

Through games and fun bonding activities, we evoke positive emotion in participants such as camaraderie, excitement, happiness and curiosity.

Stronger Bonds to Boost Teamwork

We promote team bonding through play. Our corporate team building activities are designed to improve communication and team work, increasing effectiveness at work.

Strong Team with Expertise

We have an experienced team of team building planners and facilitators that will maximise the fun and promote interaction between participants.

Fostering Harmony and Success

People work better when they are around people that they are comfortable with. Corporate team building events boost team morale and create harmony between employees, leading to a successful workplace.

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